Procedure for optimal moisturization

Hydration: Make water reach the Lamina Propria

How to get hidrated

Endogenous Moisturization: Provide water and other liquids through drinking.

  • Drink 1.5-2 litres of fluid a day, continuously and in small quantities at a time.
  • Aquometer: How much liquid do you drink a day?

Exogenous Moisturization

Provide moisture through the nose, breathing moisture in. It is also necessary to achieve moisturization of the tissue (penetration effect). For optimum results it is necessary to massage the tissue by means of speaking or singing. This ensures that moisture passes from the epithelial surface to the Lamina Propria.

  • Increase the humidity of your location (opening the window, spraying moisture, keeping plants in the room, placing water containers on radiators, placing water tanks strategically) to obtain 65% moisture. The deposited water must be replaceable (stagnant water will encourage the growth of fungi). Alternatively, we can take advantage while showering to breath in moisture when the water is falling on the face.
  • Immersion in 100% humidity for 10 minutes – this time allows moisture to reach the pulmonary alveoli and the moisture effect will persist longer – breathing through a wet gauze with normal breathing (no increase in frequency, or depth in order to avoid hyperventilation). The penetration effect, in this case, is performed with a 3×3 rhythm (3 nasal breaths to provide moisture to the area, and emission of the vowel /u/ at high volume and low tone for 3 seconds to achieve tissue penetration). This can be repeated several times a day, especially if your activity is demanding on the voice – the wetting of the tissue increases resistance to vocal overload. The aim is that the air passes through the wet gauze and becomes saturated with moisture. To achieve a maximum effect the gauze should be soaked in water every minute.
  • 100% humidity can be maintained longer with a mask to support the gauze. This is used when you want to perform moisturization for longer periods of time with an aim to obtain deep soaking of the tissue. It is also very useful in situations that cause continuous irritation and dry irritating cough. A mask of these characteristics can be used for hours and even during sleep.
  • Hot humidity: if the tissue is very inflamed, the penetration of moisture in the Lamina Propria is scarce. Inflammation is reduced by means of vapour baths with bitter chamomile and thyme. To ½ litre of water add 2 spoons of bitter chamomile and 2 of thyme and breathe naturally for 5 minutes producing an elongated /u:/ at a rate 3×3. This is to be repeated 2 or 3 times a day.

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